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We offer specialty tours for small groups to a variety of locations throughout North America and beyond!Acorn Woodpecker

We specialize in leading small groups on carefully crafted birding and natural history tours. Join us for the best bird watching tours in North America and beyond, including Honduras, Mexico, Peru and more! Let us enhance your appreciation for bird behaviors, habitats, ecology, and conservation. We offer a handful of carefully crafted itineraries timed for optimal birding at some of the planet's best destinations For an optimal nature experience, we specialize in small groups, with most tours taking a maximum of 7 participants. Call or email Paradise Birding with additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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( *=Woodpecker Conservation Tour)

*January 6-12,2018
: Guadeloupe, French Antilles Birding Tour

January 19-28,2018: NW Washington and SW British Columbia, Washington Birding Tour

February 1-11,2018: Jalisco & Nayarit, Mexico Birding Tour

February 24-March 4,2018: Honduras Birds & Blossoms Nature Sketching Holiday with Christine Elder

February 24-March 4,2018: Honduras Birding at Pico Bonito Birding Tour with Stephen Shunk

*March 18-April 1,2018: Taiwan & Japan’s Ryukyu Islands Birding Tour

*April 8-15,2018: Gulf Coast of East Texas Birding Tour

April 22-28,2018: Rio Grande Valley, Texas Birding Tour

April 29-May 5,2018: Hill Country,Texas Birding Tour

May 16-29,2018: Eastern Sicily & Pantelleria Birding Tour

June 4-9,2018: Oregon's Woodpecker Wonderland Birding Tour

June 12-14,2018: Natural History of Mono Lake Woodpeckers (register via the Mono Lake Committee)

June 15-17,2018: Mono Lake Bird Chautauqua

June 22-July 3,2018: Northern Alberta Birding Tour

August 6-19,2018: SE Arizona Monsoon Birding Tour

*Oct 10-25,2018: Malaysian Borneo Tour

*Nov 1-21,2018: Northern Peru Tour

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( *=Woodpecker Conservation Tour)

*Jan 13-19,2019:Guadeloupe, French Antilles Birding Tour

Jan 21-27,2019: SSS Dutch Antilles Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

Feb 5-10,2019:Wallowa Birding Tour

Feb 15-24,2019:Honduras Birding at Pico Bonito Birding Tour

Mar 2-16,2019: Pacific Mexico: Nayarit, Jalisco, and Colima Birding Tour

March 8-17,2019: Jamaican Endemics

*April TBA,2019: Taiwan & Japan’s Ryukyu Islands Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

*May TBA,2019: Portugal Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

June 3-8,2019:Oregon's Woodpecker Wonderland Birding Tour #1

June 11-13,2019: Natural History of Mono Lake Woodpeckers (register via the Mono Lake Committee)

June 14-16,2019: Mono Lake Bird Chautauqua

June 20-25,2019: Oregon's Woodpecker Wonderland Birding Tour #2

September TBA: Western Sicily & Sardegna Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

*October TBA:Malaysian Borneo Tour

*November TBA,2019: Columbia Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

December TBA,2019: Alaska Solstice Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

OR...schedule your own private Custom Tour!

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Comprehensive list of all past, present and future tours planned through 2019

(IWCT = Int'l Woodpecker Conservation-themed Tour)


Alaska - Kenai Peninsula & Barrow; Winter Solstice
Alberta - Boreal Forest & Northern Rockies
Arizona - Monsoon Summer
California - San Diego to Salton Sea; SF & Monterey Bays
Florida - Southern Peninsula & Dry Tortugas (IWCT)
Oregon - Woodpecker Wonderland; Spring Malheur; Fall Malheur; Winter at the Coast; Wallowas in Winter
Texas - East Texas & High Island (IWCT); Hill Country; Rio Grande Valley
Washington/British Columbia - Winter in the Northwest


Pacific Mexico - Nayarit, Jalisco, and Colima
Dutch Antilles - St. Martin, St. Eustatius, and Saba (contact Steve for info)
Guadeloupe - Lesser Antillean Endemics (IWCT)
Jamaica - Jamaican Endemics 
Cuba - Cuban Endemics (IWCT) (contact Steve for info)
Honduras - Pico Bonito
Panama - Canopy Lodge & Caribbean coast (IWCT)(contact Steve for info)


Colombia - Santa Marta & Cali (IWCT)(contact Steve for info)
Peru - Northern Peru & Machu Picchu (IWCT)
Argentina - Tropics to Patagonia (IWCT)(contact Steve for info)
Brazil - NE Brazil; Western Brazil (IWCT)(contact Steve for info)


Malaysian Borneo - Sabah (IWCT)
Taiwan & Ryukyus - Endemics of Taiwan, Okinawa, and Amami (IWCT)(contact Steve for info)


Sicily - Eastern Sicily & Pantelleria (spring); Western Sicily & Sardinia (fall)(contact Steve for info)
Portugal - Southern mountains and coast (IWCT)(contact Steve for info)





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"My birding tours with Steve Shunk/Paradise Birding are memorable highlights of my birding 'career.' Woodpecker Wonderland was one of my favorite guided tours ever. ... If I could, I would sign up to tour with Stephen Shunk again in a heartbeat, knowing that my comfort and my birding experience would be GREAT!"

- Connie Sandlin, former Vice President, Field Trips, for a Dallas, Texas birding club