Lewis's Woodpecker, Oregon


Here are just a few of the testimonials from clients who have attended bird watching tours with Paradise Birding owner Steve Shunk and his able guides.black rosy finch

"My birding tours with Steve Shunk are memorable highlights of my birding 'career.' Woodpecker Wonderland was one of my favorite guided tours ever. ... If I could, I would sign up to tour with Stephen Shunk again in a heartbeat, knowing that my comfort and my birding experience would be GREAT!"

- Connie Sandlin, former Vice President, Field Trips, for a Dallas, Texas birding club

"You marveled me with the number of bird voices you recognize, your ability to imitate many of them, and the breadth and depth of your knowledge of birds"

-Andy Nelson, Aumsville, Oregon


steve with carter in Alaska"Steve is a fantastic guide, and has mad birding skills. Each day of the tour was filled with a personalized birding experience as well as good food, camaraderie, and fun. Steve and Christine are fantastic hosts, obviously enjoy what they do, and love sharing their passion for nature-travel with others. Aside from some 25 life birds for me, we saw Moose, a Lemming, Finback whales, Humpback Whales and Dahl's Porpoise. This trip was my second with Paradise Birding and I’ve planned two more for 2015-Paradise Birding is the best!"
-Carter Moore, California

We loved Sicily and I'm certain we wouldn't have appreciated it nearly as much without your caring and entertaining guidance. A day does not go by without thoughts of Sicily, the food, the culture, the guides :-)

-Jenny and Tad Harris, Oregon

pinyon jayOur favorite birding guide is Steve Shunk from Paradise Birding, who led my husband on his first trip back in 1996. Steve is a very gifted birder, an excellent teacher and naturalist, and a wonderful ambassador for birding.
-Bill Walker and Mary Wiznewski, San Jose CA

yellow-throated warblerI couldn’t have asked for a more generous, enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide. Furthermore, you exhibit the ethics and morals of any true naturalist.
-Melissa York, Medford, OR

elegant troganDear Steve,
I greatly enjoyed your field trip and deeply appreciated your willingness to share blackbacked woodpecker and quail information. You make the woods come alive through sensitivity of observation and thorough, well-crafted information. You are truly a naturalist- in contrast to merely a bird guide. I say you are the genuine article.
-Allen Hagood, Portland Oregon

western tanager“You are totally awesome! Your trip was perfectly planned...and we had an excellent experience. I can also say that I've never eaten so well on a tour before.”

-Bingham Gibbs and Friends
Danville, CA

"Our favorite birding guide is Steve Shunk, who led my husband on his first trip back in 1996. Steve is a gifted birder, an excellent teacher and naturalist, and a wonderful ambassador for birding".

-Mary Siznewski and Bill Walker, San Jose CA


"I had a wonderful time on the tour and appreciate what a good bird ear you have."

-Lisa Holmes, Dayton TX


pale-billed woodpeckerSteve, I will always choose to go on a birding trip with you. Your 'reinvented' approach; your in-depth knowledge, which you readily share; your continued curiosity and love of discovery; and your focus on conservation; all make your tours more meaningful and enriching for me.
- Jeri Edwards, Westlake Village, California

It was 'paradise' birding with y'all . Thanks for making it such a fun and rewarding bird trip. Let us know when you come to Texas
- Mary Hannigan

pearl kiteWow! What a marvelous four days. Many thanks. We are still glowing from the experience. It was just what we wanted. You have a special gift for working with people. You are a wonderful teacher.
-Your friends, Alan and Judy"

costa's hummingbirdSteve’s obvious passion for the experience is a very important part of what he brings to these trips.
-John Kailey, Tumalo, OR

yellow-brested chatThank you for a wonderful two days. We are singing your praises!
-Edge Wade, Columbia, MO


summer tanagerThank you Steve for a wonderful trip. I was delighted to get my Mountain Quail on the first day, but then the rest of the trip was way beyond my expectations
-Judith O'Neale
Lafayette, LA

flammulated owlThis year's birding by ear workshop was very good. I was able to identify two birds in our campsite by sound then stalk them until I saw them to verify that I was correct. Your tips were priceless!
-Janet Williams

Red-whiskered bulbul“You have a wonderful sense of excitement and your enthusiasm for birding is infectious not only from the discovery of the bird but also your holistic approach to sharing an understanding of bird biology and ecology".
-Jack Wiles, Portland, OR

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. You are a fabulous leader".
-Judi Cooper, Moraga CA

"I hugely enjoyed our 2 days birding together, in which we saw an impressive number of species for me, who would have encountered only a fraction of that if not for you.You marveled me with the number of bird voices you recognize, your ability to imitate many of them, and the breadth and depth of your knowledge of birds"

-Andy Nelson, Aumsville, Oregon


black-throated magpie jay"You and Christine are 'totally awesome'. Your trip was perfectly planned, you rallied with our punches, and we had an excellent experience. I have never eaten so well on a tour. Thanks for everything"
-Larry Gibbs, Danville CA

cactus flowersThank you for a wonderful week. You are a superb guide – I’ve been amazed at your skill, appreciative of your sensitivity, and delighted by your humor and great attitude.
-Terry Martine

western tanagerSteve’s great birding skills, along with his intimate knowledge of the area, gave us all a memorable experience, one I will treasure for a lifetime.
-Kevin Pickard, Thousand Oaks, CA

clark's nutcrackerSteve has a generous, unassuming ability to share exciting discoveries with less knowledgeable enthusiasts such as myself, making the discovery a shared accomplishment.
-Laurie O’Conner, Burns, OR

lapland longspurThis great trip was a highlight of my birding experiences.
-Elouise Mullen, Louisiana


antillian crested hummingbirdBill and I have many good memories of our day strolling through burnt out forests with Steve in search of the Three-toed Woodpecker.  And finding it, after 8 hours or so!  And then that Pgymy Owl nailing the chipmunk -- that was memorable!
-Bill & Dolores, Santa Barbara CA


horned puffinWe had a great time with Chuck, He's a great birder, very personable, and we enjoyed our whole day. We'd go with him anytime, anywhere. ... Thanks so much for setting us up with such a great guide.
- Mary Krentz, Oakland, CA


I enjoyed my nature sketching trip to Honduras with Christine Elder and Stephen Shunk. It was the perfect combination of seeing incredible wildlife, learning new sketching skills, seeing birds that I’ve never seen before, and enjoying some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. This trip has changed my idea for Future travel. I love that my travel dollars went to helping preserve nature in a pristine environment, and making Honduras a better country through tourism (rather than agribusiness farming). I came home inspired to paint all the beautiful Wildlife that I had experienced while there and I have noticed that my sketching skills have improved dramatically! -Julie H. from California

Thank you, Christine,for a wonderful trip and an excellent introduction to nature sketching! I had a fantastic time and am leaving Honduras inspired and looking forward to future travels with you!
—Veronica B. from California


chris tesimonial picI have only the best to report about my experience with Paradise Birding, and with Chuck Gates (organizer) and Steve Kornfeld (guide) in particular. These gentlemen planned for and led a superbly fun and productive day of birding in the Sisters area of Central Oregon; I finished the day with several life birds and a wealth of delightful memories. I offer my most enthusiastic endorsement for this organization and its exceptional people.

-Chris Hollister, Buffalo NY


We had a delightful time with Diane (Pettey) ... we got to see a dipper (2nd ever!) and our first ever olive-sided flycatcher. It was a wonderful day on the Oregon Coast.

-Robyn Puffenbarger, Bridgewater VA


"Tony was fantastic! Very personable, knowledgeable, and helped us gain five lifers during the day. The weather was ridiculously fantastic to boot. Thank you for offering such a terrific guide & service."
- Amy & Carl Wilms, Connersville, IN

barrow's goldeneye"Thank you for setting up some great birding adventures ... . We truly enjoyed the area and the birding, but more importantly the time we spent with Tony and Lee. Their expertise in both regional areas was beyond our expectations. Tony has quite an ear for birds (as does Lee); without him hearing and searching for a target bird we would have missed many on our own. ... I was impressed by (Lee's) planning and his knowledge of Northwest Oregon and its history. We found more than half of his targeted species.  

auduoin's gullThis was a fantastic trip and you have a couple of great guys on your team! ... We are extremely happy. I will gladly recommend Paradise Birding as well as guides Tony Kutzen and Lee Cain. They really made our trip memorable.
-Mark and Diane Davis, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida"