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Join us for the best bird watching tours in North America and beyond! 

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Welcome to Paradise Birding! We specialize in leading small groups on carefully crafted birding and natural history tours to such celebrated U.S. destinations as Florida's Dry Tortugas, Texas's Hill Country and Arizona's Sky Islands. Since 2014, we have continued to expand our international tours to include Honduras, Peru, Sicily, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe and Borneo. Join us for a birding vacation, and let us help enhance your appreciation for bird behaviors, habitats, ecology and conservation!


( *=Woodpecker Conservation Tour)

January 25-29: Oregon Coast Tour

February 1-5: Wallowa Winter Tour

February 25-March 5: Pacific Mexico Tour

March 1-5: Mexico Birds & Blossoms Nature Sketching Retreat with Christine Elder

June 5-10: Woodpecker Wonderland Tour #1

June 13-15: Natural History of Mono Lake Woodpeckers (register via the Mono Lake Committee)

June 16-18: Mono Lake Bird Chautauqua

June 24-29: Woodpecker Wonderland Tour #2

*October 23-Nov 8: Malaysian Borneo Tour

*Dec 1-20: Northern Peru Tour

OR...schedule your own private Custom Tour!


( *=Woodpecker Conservation Tour)

*January 6-12
: Guadeloupe, French Antilles Birding Tour

January 19-28: Honduras Birding at Pico Bonito Birding Tour

January 30-February 7: Honduras Birds & Blossoms Nature Sketching Holiday with Christine Elder

February 2-11: NW Washington and SW British Columbia, Washington Birding Tour

February 22-March 4: Jalisco & Nayarit, Mexico Birding Tour

Mar 5-10: Mexico Birds & Blossoms Nature Sketching Holiday with Christine Elder

*March 18-April 1: Taiwan & Japan’s Ryukyu Islands Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

*April 9-15: Gulf Coast of East Texas Birding Tour

April 17-27: South Florida & Dry Tortugas Birding Tour

April 29-May 5: Hill Country,Texas Birding Tour

May 16-29: Eastern Sicily & Pantelleria Birding Tour

June 4-9: Oregon's Woodpecker Wonderland Birding Tour

June 12-14: Natural History of Mono Lake Woodpeckers (register via the Mono Lake Committee)

June 15-17: Mono Lake Bird Chautauqua

June 22-July 3: Northern Alberta Birding Tour

August 6-19: SE Arizona Monsoon Birding Tour

*Oct 3-21:Malaysian Borneo Tour

*Nov 1-20:Northern Peru Tour

*Dec 1-11: Cuba Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

December: Alaska Solstice Birding Tour (more info coming soon)

OR...schedule your own private Custom Tour!

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peterson reference guide to north american woodpeckersSteve is pleased to announce the publication of his long awaited book, the Peterson Reference Guide to Woodpeckers of North America.

This book is a complete guide to the natural history, ecology, and conservation of North America’s 23 woodpecker species. From the iconic Woody Woodpecker to the ubiquitous Northern Flicker, woodpeckers have long captivated our attention.

The Peterson Reference Guide to Woodpeckers of North America is available now from Amazon Books.



steve shunk, paradise birding tours owner and guideSteve Shunk is the founder, owner and lead guide for Paradise Birding, based out of central Oregon. Steve began birding in 1989 in San Jose, California and began teaching birding classes in 1992. He founded Paradise Birding tour company in 1997.
Steve has given numerous public presentations and authored many articles on the subject of birds and also enjoys bird photography, having taken most of the photos for this website. Steve resides in Bend, Oregon. Learn more about Steve and Paradise Birding.


Steve, I will always choose to go on a birding trip with you. Your 'reinvented' approach; your in-depth knowledge, which you readily share; your continued curiosity and love of discovery; and your focus on conservation; all make your tours more meaningful and enriching for me.
- Jeri Edwards, Westlake Village, California

Thank you Steve for a wonderful trip. I was delighted to get my Mountain Quail on the first day, but then the rest of the trip was way beyond my expectations
-Judith O'Neale, Lafayette, LA

I couldn’t have asked for a more generous, enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide. Furthermore, you exhibit the ethics and morals of any true naturalist.
-Melissa York, Medford, OR

Steve’s great birding skills, along with his intimate knowledge of the area, gave us all a memorable experience, one I will treasure for a lifetime.
-Kevin Pickard, Thousand Oaks, CA

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